"Yerevan My Love" is a heritage-led regeneration project
dedicated to preserving architecturally significant buildings in Yerevan and, by adaptive utilization of buildings, to improve the life experience of disabled children, young people and disadvantaged families.
It is an ambitious charitable project with two main aims:
Restore and reconstruct: to safeguard and restore the historic districts of Yerevan and coordinate efforts to save the artistic and architectural heritage of this 3000-years-old city, its traditions and neighbourhoods. To restore historic buildings and adapt them for new and vibrant use; but above all, to put people, their living conditions and their quality of life at the centre planning.
Social impact:
to improve the education and life experience of children and young people, especially orphans and those who come from disadvantaged communities; to help children and youth from poor social and health background and to assist them in gaining confidence and independence in the course of their everyday life.
The ultimate aim of Yerevan My Love is to contribute to the preservation of the authentic architectural heritage of the city and to place the people of Yerevan in the heart of “Yerevan My Love”.