Yerevan is one of the oldest cities in the world. It is a source of pride for all Armenians . and a beloved destination for foreign tourists. Throughout centuries the city has been developing and changing, transforming from a fortress built by the Urartian king Argishti II to a metropolis with more than a million inhabitants. This evolutionary development significantly affected the image of the city. Today we see Yerevan as a modern city.
Apart from being a host to architectural masterpieces, squares, parks, public and residential buildings, Yerevan is also a living organism. It lives, breaths and groves together with its inhabitants. And as its citizens, Yerevan has witnessed both good and bad times, was built and ruined and yet again reincarnated from the ashes. The year 1918 became a turning point for Yerevan, when it was declared as the capital city of the First Republic of Armenia. Throughout more than three thousand year history, the honor of being called the mother of the cities bore many glorious cities as Van-Toushpa, Armavir, Artaxata, Tigranakert, Dvin, Ani and others… and in this long line Yerevan became the 12th and the last one, putting a bold dot to the fame of Armenia as a country of wondering capitals.
It was during those early years of the 20th century that many thousand refugees, the survivors of the Armenian Genocide, find a refuge here and made Yerevan their new home. Yerevan has always loved and cherished its citizens and they, in their turn, have reciprocated the love. It might be impossible to find another city in the world with more poems and songs devoted to it than to Yerevan.

The initiator of the “Yerevan my Love” himself being a proud Yerevantsi has kept the deep respect and unconditional love towards his hometown.
The initiative will make it possible to restore couple of relicts of the Old Yerevan, giving a new life to the buildings and turning them over to the public for a beneficial use, bringing the life back to them, where the children’s laughter is heard. The only right way for the “Yerevan my Love” to say a big thank you to Yerevan and to Yerevantsis, is by giving them a little piece of their love back.
Here are a few projects being implemented by the “Yerevan my Love”

- Right at the very edge of the Hrazdan gorge, in between the St. Sarkis Church and the Parajanov Museum, a small piece of the Old Yerevan is being reconstructed, that will serve as an educational and rehabilitation center for the children with disabilities and of families in need, refugees and displaced persons as well as for those who lack adequate care and belong to socially vulnerable groups.
- In Kond, in the heart of the Old Yerevan, next to the St. Hovhannes church, a community center will be built, to serve to the cultural and spiritual needs of the district’s inhabitants.
- In the Mother See Holy Etchimadzin the neighbouring public park will be completely reconstructed with schools of crafts and gardening operating on the grounds.
The initiative will continue with other projects; it will be a sustainable one. Preserving and restoring historical and cultural heritage and gifting it back to children - the future of Yerevan, this is motto and the philosophy behind the actions of the “Yerevan my Love”.