Super David vs Fire e-game will help to teach children and teenagers fire safety. According to “Armenpress” on 18 October 2018 the Lousé Center for rehabilitation of children with

disabilities hosted the official launching event of Super David vs Fire educational e-game. Mrs. Nouneh Sarkissian, spouse of the President of Armenia was attending the event. 

The game was developed in the frames of cooperation between Save the Children in Armenia and Dasaran Educational Program, with additional support provided by the Republic of Armenia Ministry of Emergency Situations and the RA MES Crisis Management State Academy.

The aim of the e-game is to teach children how to respond to fires through the game. First one is the forest fire: it teaches what one should and should not do to prevent fire. Then it teaches first aid skills. The next two scenarios are fire in a building and fire in metro. The game aims to promote awareness among youth on right behavioral norms during fires through innovative experiential learning, explained Suren Aloyan, the Founding President of Dasaran Educational Program and added that the game can be reached on and even on Facebook.

Astghik Movsisyan, Save the Children Armenia Country Team Leader stated the importance of teaching children safety measures. She also thinks that teaching those skills should become a daily routine and therefore become part of the culture. In 21st century children spend a lot of time in the internet and using internet as educational platform has a huge potential.

Being an international organization, Save the Children will be offering the game in Armenian, Russian and English languages to its partners beyond Armenia as well. Ukraine and Georgia have already expressed interest. The game is also popular in the regions of Armenia, outside of Yerevan.The children at the Louse Center played the game in the presence of the guests and surprised them with their skills of handling emergency situations.

Mrs Sarkissian was happy to see that girls express more interest towards the game. She also stated the importance of the technology in 21st century education. “I found the game very interesting and will be playing it with my grandchildren. I am sure they will enjoy it. The game is very educational and teaches safety skills. I am very happy to see that both teachers and the parents are interested as well”. In her opinion, this game is of global significance as the whole world is in the disaster zone now. With climate change unexpected disasters occur: glaciers melt, the water level rises, and humanity, especially the younger generation, needs to be more aware of how to fight against natural disasters. She considers the game as a first step towards it.

She thanked the initiators of the game and mentioned that she was happy to see “Yerevan My Love” foundation hosting this launching event. The foundation was created with the efforts of her husband Armen Sarkissian and Prince Charles of Britain. The foundation aims to restore 20th century buildings and give them to the community. The President's wife mentioned that there will be many projects implemented in this building.