Near Yerevan's St. Sargis Church, on the shore of the Hrazdan gorge you can see a surviving fragment of an old Yerevan architecture. Built in mid-19th century, the beautiful building with a historic facade from red tuff was reborn in 2017. Catholicos of all Armenians Garegin II proposed to consider rebuilding the old, ruined building given to the Armenian Apostolic Church near St. Sarkis Church. Over the decades, the building was destroyed and turned into a homeless hideout and its yard served as a garbage dump for the residents of nearby buildings. The design and construction works started in 2013. The experienced specialists of Armproject OJSC headed by architect Hayk Ayvazyan presented a plan that would allow the reconstruction of the ruined building preserving its historic façade. The construction works commenced shortly after the project was approved by the Board of Trustees of the Foundation.

childrens center

During the construction works, the content of the programs to be implemented in the center was regularly discussed. Taking into consideration the experience of working with disabled and disadvantaged children and the international reputation, Save the Children was selected as a partner and consultant. A memorandum of cooperation was signed with the organization. As a result of the cooperation, the social-rehabilitation center “Louse” was created for children with disabilities and of disadvantaged families, thus the building was made accessible to children with mobility issues (a modern European elevator and wide doors were installed, that make it easier for people with disabilities to move in and out. The toilets and ramps were built to meet those standards as well).

The board of trustees of the foundation developed and submitted a two-year program of activities of the Children Center. Starting from September of 2017 children with disabilities have been taught life skills at the center that meets international standards. Number of rehabilitation and educational programs, as well as cognitive and physical therapy are being implemented in the center.

The Children's Center services are designed not only for children with disabilities. The doors of the center are open for refugee and displaced children as well as for children from socially vulnerable families and lacking proper care. Approximately 150 parents each year can take part in special trainings where they will gain necessary skills to providing better care for children with disabilities. One of the unique features of the center is the roof with its beautiful panoramic view of Mount Ararat and a vast green space in front of the building. The outdoor amphitheater of the park holds various exhibitions and events that serve as part of therapy and training. Save the Children and the Office of the European Union in Yerevan in June 2018 organized joint “Opportunities for Youth” fair at the center in the framework of “EU for the Future of the youth. More than 400 young people participated in the fair to find a job. Some of them were able to make connections with the future employers.

The next ambitious initiative of “Yerevan My Love” Foundation is for military veterans injured during the service in the RA Armed Forces. Many of them have suffered severe injuries during combat operations and require rehabilitation treatment for years.

Unfortunately, modern medicine is powerless to help many of them recover the loss, however many of these young people have a strong desire to learn and work. Therefor Yerevan My Love foundation has initiated a photography, videography and montaging classes for them. These young men will be taught by the best photographers, leading operators and editors of Armenia.