The Reconstruction of the City Park Adjacent to the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin and a Center of Horticulture

«Yerevan My Love» foundation plans to fundamentally reconstruct the city park adjacent to the Mother See Holy Etchmiadzin. The park was designed by the architectural studio of a renowned Randle Sidley, which has carried out many projects in different countries of the world including Great Britain, France, Spain, Russia, USA, China, Singapore etc.
The goal of the project is to make the park one of the favorite places of leisure and strolling for the citizens, guests and visitors of the Mother See Holy Etchmiadzin by equipping it with alleys, fountains and completely new irrigation and outdoor lighting systems.

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In the territory of the park it is planned to build a center where young people of Etchmiadzin and adjacent settlements will have an opportunity to gain professional knowledge in horticulture, gardening, botany, landscape design, floristics and other related fields. The training will involve both local and foreign specialists.

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Young people will be taught the basics of plant selection, clustering and care, by taking into account the climatic conditions of the area, the presence of light and shade, the type of soil, the wind and other conditions. The young people who have succeeded will be able to deepen their knowledge in the field of garden and landscape design, receiving master classes from experienced professionals of renowned foreign companies. The project is aimed at providing young people with a profession, as well as in the future with work, taking into account the growing demand for public and private gardening design and care professionals in Armenia.