Healing and Education through Arts, is an arts-based approach to providing psychosocial support for children affected by serious or chronic stresses. It uses the arts to help children process and communicate feelings related to their experiences.

The methodology allows children and their parents jointly be involved in the recreational activities, arts-based creative learning methods to make education more interactive and fun in math, vocabulary, literacy, history, and other subject areas. Fine arts, ceramics, ethnological studies and crafts will be among the offered spectrum.

Number of annually serviced beneficiaries: around 50-80 children with and without disabilities

Risks and mitigation measures:

  • The walls of the therapeutic services need to be utilized fully (hanging shelves, sport stairs and other wooden
    accessories covering an entire wall, horizontally fastened pole on the ceiling and walls),
  • Safety mattresses attached on the walls to protect children from harm (especially those with aggression),
  • Emergency exits adopted for evacution of children with mobility issues